The City of Elba’s Recreation Department will host a community engagement event, The Magic of Nutrition and Physical Activity-A Healthy Living Expo, Saturday, Feb. 22, from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. on the square in downtown Elba. The Elba Recreation Department received a $30,000 Access to Healthy Foods Grant from the National Parks and Recreation Association and the Walmart Foundation. The goals of the grant are to increase the number of meals served to children during the summer months; adopt HEPA Standards (Healthy Eating and Physical Activity); and implement a Nutrition Curriculum in our programs. Recently, the Elba Rec Department received $3,333 in additional grant funds to implement an Inter-generational event.  “Plans to utilize the additional grant funds include hosting this community event on February 22nd, and to host a 5K Run in the Spring,” said Beverly Daniels-Hamilton, Camp EXCEL youth director and grant manager for the Elba Rec Department. The Healthy Living Expo on Feb. 22nd will feature lots of fun activities for the family including: Bouncy Houses and Slides; National Guard Rock Climbing Wall; a Walking Tour by the Elba Chamber of Commerce; Coffee County Extension Healthy Cooking Demonstrations and Cooking Healthy on a Budget Presentations; Calvin Pie Allen-KLPA Creative Dancers and Fitness Instructor, Line Dancing and Zumba Classes and Commit Health Curriculum and recipe information. The Elba Public Library, The Elba Senior Citizens Center, the Coffee House and Courthouse Square are the event locations. For more information or to participate in the event, contact Daniels-Hamilton at 334-763-0814 or or Elba Recreation director Greg Hanchey at 334-897-6833.

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