The Elba Board of Education met Thursday evening, June 9, for the regular monthly board meeting, and the superintendent expressed delight in continuing to see student numbers increase for the elementary school.

Superintendent Chris Moseley had one word for the enrollment numbers for the elementary school – wow, especially for the lower grades. 

“Last year, we ended up with 71 or 72 students in our kindergarten class [will be first graders the upcoming school year],” Moseley said. “As of right now, we are at 65 students for the incoming kindergartners, and we are projecting to hit at least 70 when school starts.”

He said the school system was still waiting on some numbers from the state department of education, but it is very close to needed to hire an additional teacher unit again this year to meet the enrollment demands. He said he and Chief Financial Officer Valiece McKelvy had already been looking at financial numbers, just in case there is that need.

Moseley also reminded board members there is that one class – the group that will be fourth graders this upcoming school year – that has needed an additional teacher unit each year since they began school. 

“We are just really excited that our numbers continue to go up each year,” he said.

With that in mind, the board voted to approve a recommendation from the superintendent to hire veteran teacher Angie Sieving to be a fourth grade teacher at Elba Elementary School for the 2022-2023 school year. He said Sieving is coming to Elba after many years of teaching at Holly Hill Elementary School in Enterprise.

Upon approving the hire of Sieving, Moseley said that would fulfill the current need for teachers at the elementary school; however, he again reminded the board there could still be a need for an additional teacher unit and hire for that.

“We would love to be where we need to hire another teacher,” Moseley said.

Also, during the meeting, the board approved a budget amendment. McKelvy explained this was to include some carryover funds from Fiscal Year 2021 in the current budget. She said this was mainly Title I, Title VI, and IDA (special education) funds.

McKelvy said the funds would be utilized for things such as classroom materials/supplies, technology hardware, etc.

Moseley noted that work to replace flooring on about 20 spaces within the schools was underway this summer. He also said some painting upgrades were taking place too.

He said he anticipated a busy summer on the Elba City Schools campus as improvement projects get handled prior to the start of school in August.

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