The Elba Board of Education met Monday night, Nov. 26, for its regular monthly meeting, and superintendent Chris Moseley had good news to share with board members. Moseley said the school system had received a catastrophic grant in the amount of $190,000 from the state for special education. He said part of that funding would allow the school system to hire a full-time teacher unit and two aides for the special education program at Elba City Schools, and that would be funded definitely through the end of the current school year. Some of the funding also is for equipment and trainings for teachers, Moseley added. He said the grant funding would run through October of 2019, and there could be opportunities to apply again to keep the funding going beyond that time. “To have a grant to be able to spend on personnel, especially one tied to special education, is great for our school system,” Moseley said. He told board members he hoped to get the positions posted for employment this week and get that process started. Board members approved a motion to authorize the superintendent to execute an equipment lease agreement with Developers of Elba Inc. to continue a partnership for use of a lawnmower used to cut football, baseball fields, etc. The superintendent said this had been a great partnership thus far as the lawnmower had been utilized to cut the football field this season. He added that it is more cost effective than other alternatives. With Christmas holidays coming up next month, the superintendent told board members he would be getting with them on a date for the December board meeting. Following adjournment of the board meeting, several of the board members attended an advisory council meeting for the career tech programs at the Elba Career Academy at the high school.


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