Coffee County Board of Education members held their annual board meeting Thursday night, Nov. 7, and while no one came forward to speak during the public input portion of the meeting one parent was on the agenda to speak about what she referred to as allocation of teachers and curriculum issues at Kinston School. Jacquelyn Carter, a Kinston parent, addressed the board and said there are multiple places where there are no teachers available for Kinston students to do things they need to do to better their education. She called it a growth problem but said any time she hears the school system addressing a growth issue it seems to be for New Brockton not Kinston and Zion Chapel. “Kinston is a small school, but it is not fair it is put aside,” Carter said. “New Brockton is not the only people in our county.” Carter added that she totally gets the need for addressing growth issues at New Brockton because of all the students that school is receiving from Enterprise, but she does not want the school system to forget the other schools in the meantime either. Carter said there is a difference in the things afforded to Kinston Schools as compared to the other schools in the county. “There is no beginner band at Kinston,” Carter said. She said the band was started back at Kinston only 5-6 years ago, and she has been associated with the band for only two years now, but she sees where the band students at Kinston are not getting all they need at Kinston because of teacher and curriculum issues. Carter said the marching band at Kinston is small with only 20-something students, but she said that band and those students are awesome. She noted the band had won two “Band of the Week” awards during this marching season, which has now concluded. “This is an amazing accomplishment,” Carter said to the board. “If you have not watched our band, please do. There are plenty of videos out there for you to see. Please support our band.” Another issue Carter brought before the board was a library issue. She said her fifth grade child has homerun in the library, but is not really allowed library time to read and check out books. “Why are elementary students not going to the library?” Carter asked. She did say her fifth grader had said they go sometimes to the library, but that the entire fifth grade goes at the same time, and even then, she sometimes is not afforded the opportunity to check out the book she wants to read. “My kids love the band and they love to read,” Carter said. She further noted that her fifth grade child recently complained of her shoulders hurting at home, and she determined it was from having to carry all of her books all the time because she is not allowed to leave any of her stuff in the library. “She is 10-years-old,” Carter said. “Why is her developmental growth being prevented because of this? Why is student growth being stunted at Kinston? This is not good for any of our students.” Board president Brian McLeod interrupted at this point to remind Carter she was getting beyond the scope of what she outlined as her points to discuss while addressing the board, and he asked her to finish up with her presentation. Carter said she had multiple items of information noting why music is needed in school, and she said Kinston students are not getting those things. “The curriculum is horrible at Kinston,” Carter said. “Why is the teacher allocation not redone to accommodate the curriculum? Our students need teachers.” McLeod thanked Carter for her concerns and presenting them to the board, and he asked her to leave a copy of the materials she referenced to allow the board members to look those items over. No further action was taken by the board on the matter during the meeting.

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