Bullard property

Danny’s Dozier is shown cleaning up the last of the debris from the Bullard home located on Newton Street in Elba. The home was owned by Bobby and Elaine (Peepsie) Bullard. They had lived there for years following the death of Bobby’s mother, Mrs. Bessie Bullard. However, as the house aged, repairs became more and more frequent and reached a point where the couple decided it was more practical for them to move than undertake the major repairs needed. As the City of Elba embarked on the long-range project of upgrading housing in Elba the couple decided to just remove the old house rather than leave it for the City to remove and place a lien on the property for the cost of the removal. Those costs would include the actual removal and related legal notices, hearings, etc. The removal was done several weeks ago, and green grass is already growing where the house once stood.

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