Legislators give money to Elba schools

State Representative Rhett Marques and State Senator Jimmy Holley awarded funds last week to Elba City Schools Superintendent Chris Moseley (right) to assist the school system in meeting various educational needs.

Alabama Senator Jimmy Holley and Representative Rhett Marques presented three checks last week to Elba City Schools, Elba High School and Elba Elementary School to assist the school system with certain needs, including a new computer lab. “I am very appreciative of their support for our school system,” Elba City Schools superintendent Chris Moseley said. “I had talked with Senator Holley earlier when we learned he was able to provide this funding, and I let him know that our plan was to put the funding towards a new computer lab at Elba Elementary School.” The funds provided by Senator Holley to Elba were earmarked for general education purposes, but Superintendent Moseley said he told Holley the EES computer lab was a big priority on system’s lists of things to do. “We will also use the elementary funds from Rep. Marques to help with the lab, which I told him also during the check presentation,” Moseley said. Technology is where all testing is moving to, according to the superintendent. He said providing Elba students and teachers a place to work and practice for future testing is a big deal. The elementary only has one lab currently and this will add a lab to a different part of the building, and that will prevent travel for some classes to get to a lab. “I can’t wait until it’s up and running, and I plan to bring Marques and Holley back to see what their funds helped provide for Elba City Schools,” Moseley said.

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