flood categories and impacts

UPDATE (4:45 pm Wednesday, Sept. 16)

From James Brown, Coffee County EMA director:

Just off the phone with NWS - The National River Center and NWS Tallahassee did NOT going to make any change to current prediction for the Pea River at Elba during their 3 PM meeting. So, at this time the peak crest remains at 41.8 feet at 7 PM Friday.

We are getting a little quicker rise in river levels than predicted and so NWS is double checking rain gauges against radar indicated rainfall and we are hoping for an update predication at about 8 PM or so.

Looking at the radar this thing looks pretty dry to the south of us, through we do still have one large feeder band to our east. IF things remain the same and we don’t get the two feeder bands that have shrunk regaining strength we MIGHT get through this without a whole bunch of additional rain (1-3 inches instead of 5-7). But again for riverine flooding we are concerned with what happens above us. So, thanks for your continued prayers!

As always…We’ll update you when we have more information. We do not expect another briefing from NWS tonight but do expect an update on riverine flooding later this evening.

At 4:45 pm the Pea River at Elba was 17.48 ft


The NWS [National Weather Service] has issued a Flood Warning for the Pea River at Elba. They have updated their projections for the river to crest at 41.8 feet on Friday morning, Sept. 18, and fall below flood stage by Saturday afternoon, Sept. 19.

Please review the attached document for more information on flood categories and impacts in Elba, Ala.

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