The New Brockton Town Council met Monday evening, April 5, for the regular monthly meeting, and council members discussed several matters during the nearly hour-long session.

The council approved a new traffic change for one intersection in the town. The intersection of Tyler Street and Vester Cole Street soon will become a two-way stop.

While discussing a need brought up by council member Ralph Medley to fill a pothole in the area of the intersection, Mayor Kathy Holley started the discussion by saying she had wanted to make that intersection a four-way stop due to the high traffic volume there with school traffic, etc.

Council member Justin Flowers said he thought this intersection already was a two-way stop, but the mayor said there was no stop sign at all where the two roads intersect. Flowers wondered if it would be appropriate to start with a two-way stop first to see if that improves the safety of the intersection rather than jumping straight to a four-way stop.

Holley said it was her opinion that there should be a stop sign for traffic going across Tyler Street to slow the traffic down some.

Medley added, “Either way [two or four] it needs a stop sign there.”

A motion to make the intersection a two-way stop was unanimously approved by the council. The mayor said once the stop signs were ordered and arrived, they would be erected to make this a two-way stop intersection.

In providing his monthly report to the council, Police Chief Dale Grimes noted it had been a very busy March for the police department.

The mayor said the senior center had used some discretionary funds to purchase a three-compartment sink. She said the addition of this sink would bring the senior center into compliance with health department standards.

Regarding the street department, council member Ronald Terry asked if the department was going to continue cutting grass on the banks/slopes of the walking trail. He said this had not been done in some time and the growth had become noticeable.

Mayor Holley said the area had been sprayed for weeds to help. 

Council member Todd Askins agreed with Terry that the area looks better when cut with a mower but even using a bush hog on it would be better than letting it go and allowing the growth to overtake the area.

Holley said she would make a note to have the street department look at this.

Town clerk Debbie Andrews provided the monthly financial report that revealed the general fund for the city to be at $918,661.76 at the end of March. Overall income for the month was $89,069.40.

The council voted to allow the clerk to pay the routine monthly bills for April estimated at just under $24,000.

The council gather April 19th for the monthly work session meeting. During this meeting, the mayor said she would have more information on estimates to have the town park, town hall, and ballfields sprayed for ants. Also, she said a company out of Andalusia would be measuring the wash rack tank to provide an estimate on cleaning that out so the wash rack could be used again.

Council member Medley noted the need for the town to purchase an additional lawnmower. He said this would allow the town to keep more things cut and caught up. 

Holley said she would get more information on the cost of a new lawnmower and get that info to council members for consideration.

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