Farmers Market ribbon cutting

RIBBON CUTTING OFFICIALLY OPENS ELBA FARMERS MARKET...The Elba Chamber of Commerce hosted a ribbon cutting Saturday morning, June 6, to officially open the Elba Farmers Market at 8 a.m. Located on the Hwy 203 Bypass in Elba, the Elba Farmers Market will be open every Saturday from 8 a.m. until 12 noon through August. Those participating in Saturday’s ribbon cutting included (from left): Tom Maddox, Sally Bane, Jane Brunson, Junior Miss Elba May Morgan Lusk, Laurie Chapman, Destiny Hudson, Petite Miss Elba Elizabeth James, Future Little Miss Elba Olivia Grantham, Sandy Bynum, Elba Mayor Mickey Murdock, Miss Elba Kate Hudson, Little Miss Elba Piper Astemborski, Rory Vignola, Young Miss Elba Hillary Hudson, Gappa Wise, Teen Miss Elba Danielle Tidwell, Gavin Mauldin, and Aaron Pope.

Opening day for the Elba Farmers Market arrived Saturday, June 6, and there was no doubt it was going to be a good day as there already was a crowd waiting to shop when the market opened at 8 a.m. “Opening day was more than we could have hoped for,” committee member Destiny Hudson excitedly said. “Many of the vendors sold out of produce in a very short time, which tells me the interest is definitely there!” Several of the vendors noted it was still early in the season for some of their crops, and they would have more in the coming weeks. Local grower Buddy Clark was selling his sweet corn last Saturday morning, and it was going in a hurry. He assured several folks that stopped by his booth that in the coming weeks, as the crops mature, he would add things such as watermelon and cantaloupe to his bounty for sale. Others also noted they would have increased product as the summer continues, saying it was just too early yet for some of their produce to be ready to sell. “It was awesome!” Elba resident Starla Amison said of the Farmers Market. “I got there a little too late to get some veggies, but I am so thankful that our vendors dis so well. It was also great to see everyone. I think I will get there early next time, do my shopping, then visit. Awesome addition to our great town.” Hudson admitted the overwhelming response by the public was more than even the vendors expected last Saturday, which caused some to sell out quickly. They hope to avoid that this Saturday, according to Hudson. “Vendors plan to bring more [product] this week, and we are working on adding more vendors with fresh produce,” she said. The Elba Farmers Market is open each Saturday thru August from 8 a.m. until 12 noon under the tent in the commercial lot next to the Elba Gulf Travel Center [Hwy 203 Bypass]. Throughout the summer, the committee hopes this venture will only grow and get better and better. “There will be some new and fun things available in the coming weeks,” Hudson said. “Our Farmers Market will look different each week!” The Elba Farmers Market opens again Saturday, June 13, at 8 a.m. All are encouraged to come ‘snap’ up some locally grown products to enjoy! A variety of products are expected.

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