Pat Boothe

Elba’s assistant city clerk Pat Boothe (standing) announced Monday night, Sept. 28, during the Elba City Council meeting that she plans to retire on March 1, 2021 after a 40-plus year career with the city.

During the Elba City Council meeting held Monday evening, Sept. 28, at Elba City Hall, assistant city clerk Pat Boothe announced her plans to retire in early 2021. Boothe told council members she wanted to give adequate notice by letting them know her retirement date would be March 1, 2021. “I have enjoyed my 40-plus years of service to Elba and its citizens and appreciate your kindness and support over the years we have served together,” she said. Mayor Mickey Murdock said he would be sad to see Boothe go, but he wished her well in her retirement when the day comes next year. He jokingly noted he would go home ahead of her as the new mayor would take office later this year. “Pat has been a very good employee to me personally,” the mayor said. During her activity report, Boothe said the Hawkins-Williams Park restroom renovation project should be completed this week. She also noted the project for renovations at the Elba Theatre were again moving forward. The water meter replacement project ongoing for the city is 70 percent completed, according to Boothe. She also said the bid for new electric meters had been award also. Boothe gave a special acknowledgment to the employees of the Elba Senior Center. While senior centers remain closed due to COVID-19, Boothe said the employees of the Elba Center have stayed busy over the past several months delivering meals to their seniors each weekday. In June, she said the center delivered 1,102 meals; in July 1,200 meals were delivered even with the week of the 4th of July being a non-delivery week; and in August, Boothe said 1,319 meals were delivered. “I wanted to specifically thank senior center director Donna Falls and her assistant for the great job they are doing,” Boothe said. “Not only do they deliver these meals to the seniors, but they also plan special surprises for them.” Looking at the ongoing FEMA flood buyout project [for the December 2015 flood] in Elba, Boothe said three of seven property demolitions had been completed by the city on the first group of homes purchased. Of the remaining four in that batch of buyouts, she said a contractor would have to be hired to demo on structure due to asbestos issues, and the city would complete demo on the other three. Boothe said offer packets had been sent out on nine of 14 properties in the second group in the buyout program. She said the city had already received a response on some of those offers, as well. City Clerk Sally Bane provided a cost estimate on damages from the recent Hurricane Sally weather event. She said the city engineer had estimated the cost for repairing a washout of a parking area by the Pea River boat ramp to be just over $65,000 while the cost estimate to repair the Simmons Street culvert issue is $198,725. Upon request by the Coffee County EMA office, Bane said the city would be turning in these estimates along with costs for employee overtime and equipment to the EMA office for possible disaster reimbursement, if the county is approved for it by the governor. She said the total cost estimate Elba would be turning in is $284,709.65. If approved for the disaster relief, Bane said the city would receive 75 percent of those costs back. “I heard numerous comments of how everyone worked together [during Hurricane Sally],” Boothe said. “I specifically wanted to thank Sally for the job she did during that event.” Police Chief Leslie Hussey also was very appreciative of the job all city departments did in working together during the Hurricane Sally weather event. “I wanted to thank all the city departments,” he said. “Having worked several flood events in Elba none of my meetings before have I ever seen everyone work in more harmony than we did this time.” The police chief also thanked the council for the recent Heroes Pay one-time pay raise for his employees. He said it made it made a huge difference to his employees. He noted the department would have two new dispatchers joining the police department on Oct. 5th and possibly a new police officer too. Also during his report, the chief said new handguns had arrived for the officers, and they had completed their qualifying requirements for the new guns. The council set Monday, Oct. 19, at 5:30 p.m., as a workshop to discuss the Fiscal Year 2021 budget. This will be a joint workshop with the Elba Water and Electric board. The next city council meeting will be Monday, Oct. 12, at 5:30 p.m. at Elba City Hall.

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