The Elba Board of Education met Tuesday evening, June 16, for the regular monthly meeting, and the confirmation of a handful of personnel matters was the main focus of the short meeting. Board president Gladys Yelverton presided over the meeting, and as is routine, the board approved the May 2020 financial statement along with the paying of bills after first approving minutes from the May 19th regular meeting and June 4th special called meeting. During his report to the board, superintendent Chris Moseley said school systems across Alabama continue to wait to hear from state superintendent Dr. Eric Mackey on his plan to reopen Alabama schools amid the COVID-19 pandemic. A lot of local decisions are pending on what the state superintendent announces, according to Moseley. Moseley had some personnel matters to present to the board for its approval. The first was a resignation from Katie Harrison, high school special education teacher. Moseley said Harrison had accepted a job with another school system. Board members voted unanimously to accept this resignation. Three new hires were approved for the school system. All were approved by unanimous vote. William Craig was hired to be a bus driver for the transportation department. During the June 4th called meeting, the board had approved the retirement of longtime high school secretary Brenda Boutwell, and during last week’s regular board meeting, the superintendent said it was the recommendation to hire Martha Pope to replace Boutwell in that position. The board also approved the recommendation to hire Amanda Zorn to be the new special education teacher at the high school. Moseley said Zorn had been a longtime aide within the Enterprise School System before attaining her college degree, and he said she most recently had been working within the Coffee County School System at New Brockton. Prior to adjourning, Moseley told board members that he would keep them informed as information came down from the state superintendent’s office regarding his plan for reopening schools.

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