NB Police Award

New Brockton Police Chief Dale Grimes (right) presents Officer Zachary Neitcsh with a Certificate of Excellence for his work in locating and returning a runaway juvenile home last month. Also presented a certificate in this case was Officer Joshua Sullivant (shown in photo inset). Sullivant was unable to attend Monday’s council meeting.

New Brockton Police Chief Dale Grimes recognized two officers Monday night, Jan. 6, during the New Brockton Town Council meeting for their excellent work in finding a missing [runaway] juvenile last month and returning her home safely. Chief Grimes said the teenage girl was reported missing the night of Dec. 19, 2019. He said it was determined the girl had run away from home. The following morning, he said investigation on the case was turned over to officers Zachary Neitcsh and Joshua Sullivant. Chief Grimes said when this young lady ran away the department had zero evidence to regarding her whereabouts. He said she had even left a false Florida address behind in an attempt to hide her true location. With very little to go on, he said the officers worked diligently to find her. Because of that, he said the girl was located the following afternoon, Dec. 20, and she was returned home safely. Grimes said a small piece of evidence indicating the girl had gotten into a vehicle in the Utility Trailers parking lot in Enterprise was the only information the officers had to go on to locate this young girl. That piece of evidence and the officers’ dedication to finding the girl all paid off, Chief Grimes said. During Monday night’s council meeting, Grimes publicly recognized Officer Neitcsh and Officer Sullivant with certificates of excellence for their “hard work and outstanding job performance on the return of a runaway juvenile within 24 hours.” Council members also thanked the officers for their dedication to the job. Also during the meeting, Chief Grimes gave monthly statistics on the department’s activity for December. He noted activity from citations written by officers as well as the number of warnings issued by police. Grimes also noted several active cases of criminal activity the department had investigated over the month. Other than the runaway juvenile investigation, the chief did not specifically discuss any of the other cases other than noting they had been handled by the officers within his department. For the most part, he said activity was fairly routine.

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