EES bucket drums

The Elba Elementary School music room is ready for the new bucket drumming class being implemented by music teacher Jeff Carpenter.

5-gallon buckets situated in a semi-circle in the Elba Elementary School music room can only mean one thing… It’s drumming time! Elementary music teacher Jeff Carpenter is implementing this school year a bucket drumming class that will include third and fourth grade classes. He said third graders began the class Thursday, Aug. 29, and fourth graders would be drumming soon as well. “The students will learn basic drum beat patterns using both hands and will play along with some popular songs from artists they are familiar with,” Carpenter said. For example, he said the first two songs the students will be learning to play along with are “Happy” by Pharrell Williams and “The Cha Cha Slide.” “Bucket drumming is a fun way to introduce younger students to basic rhythms and percussion concepts to help prepare them for when they are old enough to decide whether to join band or not,” Carpenter said. “This is especially true with the fourth graders since part of that age group will be next year’s beginner band.” He said it is also in the plans to have the fourth grade students learn to bucket drum with one of the music pieces the high school marching band plays in the stands and have them perform at a pep rally before the end of the season. Elba High School band director Shaun Hammonds said he is thrilled to have Carpenter on board at the elementary school teaching music, and he said the bucket drum class in just one excited concept Carpenter is bringing to the elementary school’s music department. Hammonds said he only sees this as a positive for the overall music program at Elba City Schools. “Our goal is to get the elementary students excited about music and being a part of our music program at Elba City Schools, Carpenter said. Additional plans for the bucket drumming class is to have the students perform at a PTO meeting sometime after Christmas. Hammonds said a date and time for that performance would be announced at a later date.

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