With the start of the 2020-2021 school year nearing, Elba City Schools superintendent Chris Moseley provided board member with the latest updates to Elba’s reopening plan during the monthly school board meeting held Tuesday evening, July 21st. The meeting was held in the cafeteria of Elba High School to adhere to proper COVID-19 social distancing guidelines, and all in attendance wore facial coverings as mandated currently in the state. Moseley reminded board members that the reopening plan for the school system is and would continue to be a working document as more information comes down from the state on COVID-19 guidelines. As of the June 21st board meeting, the following reopening plans were in place for Elba City Schools [one change since that meeting is the start date for students now will be Monday, Aug. 10]: • It is highly encouraged that all medically cleared students attend school in person. • There will be distance learning opportunities for students whose parents choose to keep them at home. These students will remain enrolled at Elba City Schools and take virtual classes provided by the ALSDE. • Elba City Schools strongly encourages parents that are thinking of doing the distance learning options to contact their child’s school and speak with administration and learn more about the programs before making a final decision. • Any parents that do elect to keep their children at home and receive distance learning will need to remain virtual for the entire nine-week grading period. At the end of the nine-week grading period they may choose again to either remain virtual or come back to the traditional setting. • Elba City Schools strongly encourages parents to check temperatures before students leave the house. If the temperature is at 100 degrees, keep the student at home and contact the school. • Elba City Schools will begin the year checking all temperatures at the entrances. Students with a temperature will move to a room to be assessed by the nurse and temperatures will be rechecked. If the temperature remains the school will then notify a parent/guardian to pick the student up. • Elba City Schools will have hand sanitizer stations located throughout both buildings. • Elba City Schools strongly encourages students, staff and anyone coming on campus to wear facial coverings while on campus. This is not saying that students and staff are required to wear these all day. However, there will be certain times during the day it is strongly encouraged facial masks be worn. • Elba City Schools will begin the year limiting visitor access and continue as we have during the summer with curbside assistance from the office staff at both schools. We understand for some things visitors must enter the building and again we ask that they please wear facial coverings. • Elba City Schools strongly encourages students riding a bus to wear facial covers for the ride. Also, if a child rides a bus and the parent is able to bring him/her by vehicle this is highly encouraged to begin the year. • All teachers will be provided with protective shields in their classroom to provide instruction. • Elba City Schools is also getting upgrades in restrooms, to include touchless faucets and touchless hand dryers to make those areas safer for students.

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