High school athletes in all sports will return to the fields and courts all across the state of Alabama this week to begin summer workouts, and at Elba High new head football coach Marc Sieving is excited to get back with his players and coaches to begin preparations for the upcoming season. “I was only here for two weeks before the schools closed back in March and can’t wait to get with my team and get back to work,” stated Sieving. “We had maybe five workouts back in the spring and I did get to know the players names, and learned a lot about the kind of people they are. At the same time they learned a lot about me as a coach and as a person, and I believe we will all be ready to get back to work.” “It’s been ten weeks since the players and coaches have been able to meet together in person,” added Sieving, “but we have been together on ZOOM a couple of times a week and have given the players a daily individual workout schedule and have even gone over some film and instructional videos dealing with our offensive and defensive schemes for the coming season. The workouts they have been doing will be nothing like the workouts we will be doing this week, but hopefully will have the players in condition to get back to work. I believe all the players have a good grasp of the program we hope to build here at Elba and believe we are all on the same team.” While mandatory workouts will not start until July 27, Coach Sieving stated his plan is for the month of June, only, and will make changes as the summer progresses. “I have a plan to get us through June and will then reevaluate it based on what we have been able to accomplish and any changes the state may make over the summer,” added Sieving. “Our plan is for all players in grades seven through twelve to workout together four days a week. We will lift weights and condition from 8:00 am until 9:00 am every day and then go outside for an hour. All players will work together for two weeks, and then we will cut back on the hours for the younger players. We will follow all guidelines from the AHSAA and will wear masks whenever needed and will always follow social distancing guidelines. We will provide the players with additional hand washing stations and will encourage all players to bring their own water bottles. If they have masks they will be allowed to wear their own masks, but we will have masks available for any of the players that don’t have their own.” “Our plan is to workout for one hour on strength and conditioning and then rotate groups to allow everyone to get in a complete workout,” said Sieving. “When we head outside we will work on the basics of our offense and defense. Installing the offense and defense is a main focus since we missed spring training, and we will do everything possible to get in as much as possible within the time restrictions allowed. We are going to work hard each and every day, but will do what is best for all the players. I know the players and know what kind of young men they are, and expect them to work hard. We have a good group of seniors and a good group of leaders, and this is their time.” “We have a good group of coaches that have been working for a long time to develop a plan,” added Sieving, “and I believe we will all rise to the challenge and improve each and every day to mold into a team.”

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