The Elba Tigers will wrap up spring football practice Friday night when they travel to New Brockton to tangle with the New Brockton Gamecocks, in the renewal of a cross-county rivalry. The game will begin at 7:00 PM, and will include two quarters of action between the starters of the two teams, one quarter of action between the non-starters ad one quarter of action between the junior high teams. “We won’t have any live kickoffs or punts,” said Elba Tiger head coach Pate Harrison, “but we will attempt extra points just to let the kickers get in some game type experience. Our players are a little tired after two weeks of practice in hot weather and I’m sure they are looking forward to the end of spring drills, but we expect them to get after it Friday night and play with enthusiasm and pride. Anytime the lights come on the players get a little excited, and we expect that in the game Friday night.” “With the limits put on spring drills we aren’t really able to take the time to put in a game plan,” added Coach Harrison. “On offense we will be very vanilla and probably run maybe three or four running plays and one or two pass plays. We plan on working two quarterbacks in the first half on an equal basis and will try to give them the same plays to run to see which one can lead the team. Over on defense we will do what we do and not do anything just because we are playing New Brockton. We know they scored a lot of points last season and have a lot of athletes, but we didn’t have the time to really look at what they do, and will just line up and hopefully get after them.” “This game is big for the fans and the players since the two schools are so close to each other and used to be a rivalry,” sated Coach Harrison, “but from a coaching standpoint it is a chance to put the players in a game environment on tape and then be able to watch the tape and see just who is ready to play and what we need to do to get better as a team. It is a valuable tool for us as coaches and it is fun for the players and the students at the schools, but all in all it is just the final practice of the spring.” “The real work comes in the summer,” added Harrison. “After we watch the game film we will make sure the players are all in the right places, that they become the best players they can be and that they will be in physical condition to work and compete over a period of three or four months. It is a sacrifice to play competitive sports and it is our job as coaches to make certain we give them every chance to be successful.”

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