The Elba Tigers wrapped up their third week of summer football workouts last wa week and new Tiger head coach Marc Sieving stated it has been a good three weeks for everyone involved in the program. “My goal at the start of summer workouts was to work on conditioning and to begin to put in the basic offense and defense,” said Sieving, “and after three weeks we are farther along than I had hoped. I feel good about the numbers we have at workouts, the players are getting in shape more every day and we all feel good about where we are on offense and defense. All the players are really working hard both in the weight room and on the practice field, the weather has cooperated and I believe we as coaches and all the players look forward to coming to practice every day and are committed to improve.” “I am a little disappointed in the number of younger players that have been coming t workouts,” added Sieving, “but I didn’t get the chance to meet with them before school closed and didn’t get the chance to sell them on our program. The ones that are coming are working three days a week and are working hard, but the numbers just aren’t what we need. Hopefully others will hear about what we are doing and make the decision to join us and become an Elba Tiger.” “Back when we got started I had a plan for the month of June and said after that we would work on a plan for July,” added Sieving. “Well, this is the last week of June workouts and we will be off the week of the fourth. So, it is time to plan for July. The varsity players will come back on July 6 and for two weeks will work out four days a week. The workouts will be similar to what we have been doing, but obviously with three weeks under our belts will take the next step. July 27 will be the first official day of practice under AHSAA guidelines, and after three days in shorts we will put on the pads and get to work.” “We had a really good week of work last week on both offense and defense and expect that to carry over this week,” added the new Tiger head man. “The players have picked up on the offense well so far and the defense is about sixty-percent installed. That doesn’t mean we are ready to play, but we are taking steps in that direction. We will work on putting in the base plays on offense and the base calls on defense, and work to perfect that every day. Our offensive playbook may not be real thick at the present time, but we want to make sure we have the basics down pat. It is all about repetition and working to make sure what we do we will do well. We aren’t going to throw a lot at the players at one time and get them confused. We are going to work hard at what we do and learn to do it well.” “There are still a lot of unknowns about the school year and what can happen due to the virus,” said Sieving, “but we can’t control that. So, our job is to get in shape, stay healthy and get ready to play football come August 21. I feel good about where we are and where we are headed and am excited every day when I head to the school for practice.”

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