Johns/Lee team

Austin Johns and Trevor Lee had a sixth place finish weighing in their limit of five fish for 10.81 pounds.

The weekend of February 20, 2021, the Zion Chapel Bass Team fished their second tournament on the Alabama BASS Nation High School Tiger Trail.  They had a rewarding weekend with all teams catching fish.

They fished Lake Martin, which according to Chuck Burns, Alabama Outdoor News, is 44,000- acre reservoir on the Tallapoosa River that stretches across three counties—Tallapoosa, Elmore, and Coosa.  The lake was formed after the completion on Martin Dam in 1926 and has an average depth of 41 feet with a maximum depth of 150 feet.  The shoreline extends for roughly 750 miles.

A total of 240 boats—171 high school boats and 69 junior high school boats—entered the tournament.

The day was an action-packed day for most of the anglers.  A total of 2,012 fish were caught which weighed 2,915 pounds.  The average fish caught weighed in at 1.44 pounds.  One hundred per cent of the fish caught were released.  The following day BASS Nation sponsored a college/university tournament at the same site.

All Zion Chapel teams caught fish.  The team of Trevo Lee/Austin Johns finished sixth place weighing in their limit of five fish for 10.81 pounds.

The team of Ethan Young/Avery Padgett finished 57th weighing in five fish for 7.83 pounds.

The team of Kaleb DeVos/Kevin Dowdy finished 61st weighing in five fish for 7.69 pounds.

The team Peyton FitzGerald/Jackson Dowdy finished 160th weighing in one fish for 1.56 pounds.

Following the tournament, the results were tallied, and the Zion Chapel Team finished third out of 38 teams in the Six Man Team competition. The Six Man Team will include teams Padgett/Young, Lee/Johns, and K. Dowdy/DeVos.  The third-place finish qualifies them for the state championship on Logan Martin June 4 and 5, 2021.

On March 20, 2021, the ZCBT will launch their boats in Lay Lake and compete on the East Alabama High School Bass Trail.

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