ZC bass waiting

Anglers, captains, and guests waiting for final results.

In December 2020, the ZC Bass Team fished their first tournament on the East Alabama High School Trail.  However, prior to this tournament, they garnered much attention when they decorated one of their team boats with colorful Christmas lights and participated in the city of Elba’s annual Christmas parade.  Following the parade, they were joined by friends and family at a local restaurant where they enjoyed food and fellowship.  As usual, when these anglers assemble, food is generally involved. 

Following a long school day December 11, the ZC team members loaded their gear and headed north to Lake Martin.  The following day was spent on the lake seeking some prospective fishing holes for the Dec. 13th tournament day.

Lake Martin, located in Tallapoosa, Coosa, and Elmore counties in Alabama, is a 44,000-acre with 750 miles of wooded shoreline.  According to Captain David Hare of Alex City Guide Service, “there is never a dull moment on Lake Martin in December.  Whether you enjoy catching size or quantity, whether you enjoy live baiting or artificial, December will not disappoint.” (Alabama Outdoor News, December 2020)

After a fog delay, a short nap, and some more food, the anglers were finally able to hit the water.  With their best efforts, they did not manage to catch the number or the pounds they had anticipated, but a few is better than none.

There were 64 boats participating in the tournament.  The ZC Team had a change of anglers for one team, and a new angler, Jackson Dowdy, was added. 

The team K Dowdy/DeVos finished 16th with their limit of five fish weighing 7.39 pounds.

The team Padgett/Young finished 33rd with their limit of five fish weighing 5.74 pounds. 

The team Lee/Johns finished 40th with their limit of five fish weighing 4.15 pounds.

The newly formed team of FitzGerald/J Dowdy finished 61st.

The ZCBT finished ninth of 15 teams participating.

After skipping the month of January, the ZCBT will head to Lake Harding for their next tournament with the East Alabama High School Bass Trail on February 13, 2021.  They are eager to make a better show in 2021.  

In the meantime, these teenagers will be busy fishing, deer hunting, duck hunting, and practicing for baseball season.  Needless to say, these anglers busy themselves in the great outdoors.



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